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5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Healthy Longer and Save You Money

We all know we should be doing it... Preventative vehicle maintenance, that is. Keeping our vehicles healthy before problems arise is the most surefire way to keep your vehicle running smoothly, safely, and for many years to come. But, when there is so much maintenance to be done, it is tough to know what all to keep up with! That's why [...]

3 Teen Driving Safety Tips

It's back to school time, and for those of us who have new young drivers, that means our teens are going to be on the road more often driving themselves to and from school every day. Read and share these tips with your teen drivers to remind them just how important it is to be a safe driver, both for [...]

Brake and Lamp Inspections

The Auto Doctor is a Certified California Class A Brake and Lamp Inspection station. We can certify your salvage vehicle for the DMV. $120.00 Brake and Lamp Inspection plus $7.00 certificates What is a Brake and Lamp Inspection? The purpose of a brake and lamp inspection is to assure that a vehicle being issued a salvage certificate is in sale [...]

Preventative Maintenance Guide Pt. 2

Preventative Maintenance Guide Pt. 2 6. Replace Your Cabin Air Filter This is probably one of the easiest things you can do to keep your car comfortable and feeling like new inside. Most vehicles make the cabin air filter easily accessible and replacing it is as easy as opening a box. You can get a fitting filter at any auto [...]

Preventative Maintenance Guide Pt. 1

Preventative Maintenance Guide Pt. 1 What's the difference between preventative maintenance and a repair? Preventative maintenance happens on your terms, and usually costs just a fraction of what a repair might be. Here are some simple things you can do today to keep your car healthy and happy! 1. Read Your Owner's Manual While this may sound too simple to [...]

Engine Knocking

What is engine knocking and how do you fix it? If you are regularly noticing a "pinging" or a "knocking" sound when you are driving in your vehicle, there is a good chance this noise is coming from the engine. Engine knocking is usually caused by an uneven burning of fuel throughout the cylinders in your engine which then throws [...]

Signs You Need New Tires

How are your tires doing? The worst time to figure out you need new tires is when you're on the side of the road digging for your spare. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you're tires are healthy. 1. The Penny Test Turn a penny upside down so that Mr. Lincoln's head is pointing towards the tire. Now [...]

Top 4 Winter Car Care Tips

4 Winter Car Care Tips Well, it seems like Winter is back! Is your car ready? Check out these 4 tips to keep you safe and prepared for whatever the weather may bring.  Tire Pressure: Did you know… 1) Tires lose 1 pound of pressure for 10 degrees Fahrenheit the temperature drops. 2) An underinflated tire will not "bite" through [...]

12 Resolutions for Your Car

This year (and hopefully years following!), make sure you are routinely taking steps to keep your car happy and healthy so it continues to be safe and reliable for your family and you can avoid possible breakdowns or costly repairs down the road. Follow these 12 simple steps to make your car last a lifetime and be less likely to [...]

Why Coolant Matters

Why Your Radiator and Engine Cooling System are Vital The moving parts of your engine create huge amount of friction, and where there is friction, there is heat. To reduce the damage to your engine and vehicle by this heat, your car’s cooling system sends coolant (a mix of water and antifreeze) through the engine chambers to absorb all that [...]